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"You’re Leaving?" F.A.Q.


  • Are you leaving?

Unfortunately, yes. Here’s the post where I announced it.

  • Why are you leaving?

I don’t have time to blog because I have to get a full time job and be a regular human being who can actually afford to have their impacted wisdom teeth removed. I make 0.00$ blogging and it tends to take up quite a bit of time. Though I do love my followers and joking about the zodiac is my absolute favorite, I can’t survive off it.

  • Does this mean you aren’t going to post anymore?


  • Will you still post on ______ blog?

No, I’m no longer going to post on ANY blog.



  • When are you leaving?

Mid-August. The specific date is TBA.

  • Can you come back and post after ________?

I really really doubt it.

  • If I pay you, or get you 1 million likes, will you keep blogging?

I wish it was that simple, but no, I’m sorry.

  • Are you leaving because you hate blogging or to find yourself?

NO. Please see the top of the F.A.Q.

  • Will/can you leave the blog to somebody else to continue?

I worked on it for 3 years and everything that’s posted is a reflection of me. I’m the writer/creator and I wouldn’t want anyone to continue.

  • Will you leave the blog open after you leave?

Yep! You’ll still be able to access all past posts in the Post Directory

  • Can I do something nice for you since you’re leaving?

I’d be appreciative of anything nice you have to say, or if you wanted to purchase something from my store!

  • Is the store closing too??

Yes! I’m going to try to sell most things first, but eventually it’ll close for good.

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Anonymous → Just wanted to send something before you leave. You have made me laugh so much since I began following you. So many times I would send your gifs to my family and friends saying, "omg this is you"! I don't know what adventures you are off to next in life, but I hope that they are as awesome as can be. Sincerely, one of your biggest Libra fans

This means so much to me :( Thank you

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Anonymous → Do u know when youre leaving yet?

August 31

Anonymous → if you do make the bath bombs, about how much would they cost?

Any number I give you right now will be completely out of my ass. I have no idea what the production cost will be, but trust that I won’t attempt to fuck you over :”) Everything in my store is under $15, so have faith it’ll be as cheap as I can get it!

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Anonymous → It's been fun, all I can say is thanks. I've got a ton of your posts screenshotted in my gallery. We'll miss you. :'-))

No problem<3 No need to screenshot, I’m leaving all the posts up :)

Thank you!

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Anonymous → Maybe somehow someway in the future you might be able to return, not full time obviously. But you never. Anyway we'll miss you blogger. :)

I really hope so.

Thank you

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psychedeliccheese → really going to miss you on my dash...good luck with everything and thank you for being so funny & honest with us

Thank you so much<3

Anonymous → how the f*ck do you find the donate button?

It’s not actually a button, it’s a “product” in the store.

Anonymous → do you need a hug?

Those don’t do much for me, sorry! But I do appreciate the thought<3

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Anonymous → donated a dollar to you because you cried about leaving us

I am flattered and ever so slightly offended….all at the same time.

Thank you

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Anonymous → OMGGGG :( I just wanna say that I appreciate EVERYTHING that you have done and I absolutely LOVE your account more than any other astrology account on here. I'll miss you a lot blogger!! Thank you for everything :( - Sad Scorpio


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xxi-asked-alexandriaxx → For the bath bomb idea: I think that would be rad as fuck and do specific scents for the different signs

Awesome, thanks for the feedback :) I’m looking into it as we speak!

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Anonymous → Thanks so much for all the content you have provided thus far yo! ^-^

No problem :) It’s cool we all kinda like the same rude things!

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monstersandman → I don't know if I'm supposed to ask this here, but I was wondering if you would do the zodiac signs of Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters? :) Thanks!

Yes, this is the ask box :)

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen that aaaaaand I’m also not making any new media posts right now.

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camerondallassbigdick → i'm a gemini and what would be the best sign to date?

Depends what you’re looking for, I suppose.

My advice would be to date a sign that you have the best connection with. It’s up to you to establish that connection.

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