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Anonymous → you always find the best things for the store somehow. what will you do next?

Thanks :)

I was actually looking into temporary tattoos and nail decals today? Maybe I’m 5, but they seem fun to me!

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Hope you’re joking.

Gemini charms ARE in stock.



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diabloyoshi → Wanted to know if ever did a "How the Signs Steal/Rob You." post? BTW I'm a Capricorn and I'm the type to steal and have the nerve to talk to you as I do it, basically rob you blind.


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Anonymous → Was there a post that informed you weren't leaving? Just wanted to ask, from what you've been saying. If so, however, it's great that your staying~

Several in the ask blog and I stated it at the beginning of the giveaway post on the main blog :)

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Anonymous → Hey! Didnt you say youd reveal your birth sign sometime in August? Ive been waiting!

No, I said I would reveal it before I closed the blog. You’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

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Anonymous → hiya! do you know when you'll be back in stock with the aquarius charms or am i out of luck? thank you for your time!

At this point in time (1 day after restocking), I can’t give you a realistic estimate for when I’ll be able to restock. The problem is that when I restock for one sign, I really have to restock them all. The second I have information, I’ll post it on the main blog and have a presale. Keep an eye out, your sign scoops up the merch very quickly :)

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Anonymous → your store has very limited aquarius items which makes an aquarian like me very, very sad.

It’s not that I don’t start out with a lot of Aquarius items. My store SOLD OUT of all of them.

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Anonymous → Do you do combined shipping?

Yes! Shipping starts at a base rate, but as you add items, the price goes up a little (about $.75 per added item) and then stalls at about $5.80 for domestic orders. It’s actually a better deal to add items and ship a bigger order than it is to purchase 1 item. My suggestion would be to look for friends who also want to order and then make a joint purchase. You save about $3 every time you order an additional item.

Anonymous → I live in the uk can I get the charms?

Yes! I now ship to Canada, Australia and the U.K.

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I started shipping to Canada, Australia and the U.K. a few weeks ago :)

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Anonymous → are you making more most to leasts?

Yes, I am!

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Anonymous → I made an order on monday and got my bracelet yesterday (: where do i leave feedback?

Great! You have to be logged in to your storenvy account, or go through your email (so the site can verify that you actually ordered something).

You can leave feedback through my store, or through the marketplace section.

If you need a step by step, here’s a link that explains it :)

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Anonymous → Hiya you don't know me. I followed your blog for so long and it got me through so many hard times. I'm happy you keep this blog going. It makes me smile through pain

I’m so incredibly glad to hear that<3

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To celebrate my keeping the blog open I’ve decided to give some zodiac gear away! All items listed can be found in the Shit the Signs Say Store



1.You must be following Shit the Signs Say

2. Reblog as much as you like, each reblog and like will count as an entry.

3. Keep your ask open so I can contact you. *If you win and do not respond to my message within 24 hours, I will pick a new winner.

4. I will ship anywhere inside the USA, Canada, U.K. or Australia

5. Giveaway ends September 28

Winner gets to choose any 1 item from the STSS store!

Good luck!

Check out the prizes in the store:

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Anonymous → Why did you stop using other chat websites? Also, tinychat stopped working for me

Everybody complained about one and the other got shut down!

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