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Anonymous → Can I ask you for a compatibility? More than compatibility, opinion I guess

Of course you can, here’s where you can submit compatibility questions:

I don’t answer them in the ask box or fanmail :)

Anonymous → ahh sorry but I asked about being cancer/gemini depending on Ophiuchus and you told me to see your FAQ but I'm not sure which answer my question applied to? if you could please be a little more clear? :)

Op, my bad. I was actually referring you to a question that I erased from the F.A.Q.!

Ophiuchus, the constellation, has no impact on Western Astrology (the one we deal with). The dates didn’t change, your sign is the same :) Sorry, again, for the confusion!

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Anonymous → Hello! So I want to ask you something, if a sign is born between two signs that sign have threats of them both? Like one person born in 16th so he's Cancer and Leo, or?

Hey, person.

You’re talking about cusps (transitional period between 2 signs). Some people believe that, I personally do not take it very seriously. If I were on a transitional date, I would get a chart reading and determine my 1 sun sign. That’s my opinionnnnn.

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Anonymous → How do you get a Capricorn to stop ignoring you? - A Leo
  • Come into a large sum of money
  • Invent a time machine, go back, don’t piss them off in the first place.
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Anonymous → what's a way to make a leo mad at you?

Start talking indirectly about them, but when they get offended, whip around and say “not everything is about you.

Leos seem to take the most offense towards that. I’ve tried it on other signs and it never works as well. Libras are a close second, though.

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Anonymous → Can you make a pizza toppings for the signs post?

Meh, I really don’t want to, to be honest. Thank you for the suggestion though.

oreocharm → Could you do a pot about the signs as Sherlock characters?

I already did :) Check the post directory.

Anonymous → I liked your emoji list for the zodiac signs, and I am wondering: why is Leo's emoji a crown?

Thank you, but I think you can figure it out on your own.

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Anonymous → I like what you did to your preview page that comes up in the tags. Sorry idk what to name it c:

I don’t know what it’s called either, but thanks :) I just figured out I could change it!

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olivia0708 → Hello in the post where you listed the emojis for each zodiac sign, why did you put the crescent moon for cancer?

Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon :)

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fueledbyhatefire → Hey, I looked at the post directory and didn't see this, so hopefully I'm not contributing to superfluous asks in your inbox, but could you/have you made a most to least perceptive signs?


I’ll work on this :) It won’t be immediate (because I’ve OD’d on most to least lists recently), but it will eventually get done. Thanks for the suggetsion :)

holymelancholy → Can you do a Most to Least likely to lie and/or Best to Worst liars?

I’ll do the first one eventually, but the second I’ve already shot down [HERE]

Anonymous → I know you're not accepting media posts at the moment but may I please request that you do "the Breakfast Club"? :)?




Wow, that’s uh, rude of you.
I tend to not go out of my way for people who disregard my decisions and statements. Don’t expect me to be taking requests anytime soon.

Thier not being rude. They did ask nicely and stated that they knew u weren’t accepting them. They were just asking if u could maybe anyway. You’re being rude. U could’ve stated back nicely that u weren’t right now. Even if they did know.

"I know you don’t do this things, but can you do it anyway?"
That’s rude. Simple as that. The anonymous person basically said “I don’t care about what you want and/or are willing to do, because I want this thing. Do it for me.” They straight up acknowledge they READ what she said, but we’re choosing to disregard it because they want a thing. That is rude.
Replace “doing media posts” with anything you dislike/don’t want to do/don’t want to be done to you, and you’ll see what I mean.
Ex; “I know you said you don’t like horror movies, but I want to watch one anyway.”
"I know you said you don’t send nudes, but I want you to send me one anyway."
"I know you said you don’t like being tickled, I’m going to tickle you"
"I know you said you don’t like spiders, I’m going to hand you one."

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af-r-ica → all your posts are very inaccurate, where do you get your information?

Maybe you should take a peek at my F.A.Q. :)

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