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Question for you…signs?

Could any of you recommend a book about MBTI that’s entertaining? I’m at the level where I know all the basic facts and foundational information, but I want to go further?

Books. MBTI. Lolz. Help.

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ichigo-keki-101 → This isn't really a question or anything, but I just wanted to take some of my time to tell ya that you're blog is AWESOME! Keep up the good work friend ^-^ ~Aquariun fan

Thanks so much!

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On today’s episode of “why won’t we let that stereotype die,” we visit a mock astrology blog that wonders if anyone that took this survey really understood what was meant by the question.


On today’s episode of “why won’t we let that stereotype die,” we visit a mock astrology blog that wonders if anyone that took this survey really understood what was meant by the question.

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epictoast97 → Could you do the signs as characters (or whatever they are :P) of Free Iwatobi Swim Club? Or Kill la Kill?

No, I’m not making new media posts at this time! Sorry!

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Store Price Changes and RESTOCK!

I’m spending today reorganizing the store and changing some of the prices.

Dropping the price on:

I’m really looking forward to getting the old merchandise out and bringing in new stuff! To make that happen quicker, please occasionally reblog some of the promos for the store!


I’m in the middle of restocking the bracelet charms! You should see those up in the store within the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately because I work full time now, I’m not as quick about stocking. However, the time for birth chart analysis delivery remains at under 7 days and I check my email constantly. If you’re not hearing from me after you’ve ordered something, then there’s a problem!

Additionally, I want to bring in new items. If you have any suggestions, ideas or helpful criticisms: send me an ask or an email through my store contact. 

Thanks for your patience regarding the store stuff. I really try not to shove things down your throat. I hope everyone’s doing okay in school. If not, then I hope my posts make you forget about it for a second.

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hemlockandbelladonna → what's the rudest thing you could say to each sign?

Scroll through my entire blog.

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askelimareri → I have a question about the day in the life of contest. are there any tags i should use when posting the video?

And whatever sign you are :)





Let’s play a game!

If we can get 200 reblogs on the promo linked below:

[[ ]] by 8:00 pm EST, then I’ll do a gif hour for everyone.

It starts now, so get reblogging! I have a bunch of gifs that are begging to be used!

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The Shit the Signs Say Store has brand new things up for sale, but they’re going fast! Everything is under $13.50, so there’s no reason not to get exactly what you want!

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karaspectrum → I had a natal chart some but could not understand all of it. It started talking about moon signs? (Btw I'm a Leo)

I do comprehensive birth chart readings in my store for exactly the reason you’ve stated :)

Here’s a link:

shmarmigans → i was wondering how you made the order of "most to least likely to kill a lover"? cause i'm taurus and it's nice seeing a change of being the first in an order other than being in a stereotypical one, but still -er– puzzled, i guess? idk just wondering tho...

Well, I mostly used my brain and a computer. Hope that helps!

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mindyyyx → I do not have a question, rather to say that I have not yet peed my pants at work yet but I think I will if I keep reading I will. So effing true about us Gems. LOVEYEW! <3

You keep on truckin till you see yellow.

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ilovered1 → I'm glad your staying, you're amazing. You always manage to make me laugh, I love reading your posts! ~An Aquarian Fan.

Awesome, I make me laugh too. That’s what’s important.

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nocturnae-repere → "Handy dandy POST DIRECTORY :D" Oh blogger. Why must your sarcasm make me laugh so much. I'm not supposed to laugh. Capricorn and all that. - Capricorn.

Pardon you, I just figured out Blue’s Clues.

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psychedeliax → do you have a signs studying post?

To figure that out, you’ll have to visit the handy dandy POST DIRECTORY :D

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