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demiboyenjolras → What if I'm a Capricorn, and gay? !!

I’m so offended.

You think you can just come here and…. have a birthday AND a sexuality?! I’ve never been so disrespected.

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thestrictlytshirtsonlyclub → What if I'm a Scorpio with no passion to be enthused by?

What if I don’t have all the answers to your life?

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did-you-check-uranus → Could you perhaps do a Wolf Among Us character thing? You know, one of those which character are you things?

I’m currently not making any new media posts, sorry!

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F.A.Q.(Every question you’ve ever had)

Post Directory (All my posts are linked here)

Birth Chart Analysis (Wanna know about your personality?)

Compatibility Report (How good is your relationship match?)

Zodiac Store (Gift for yourself or a friend)

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phanicathedisco → im on mobile right now, could i get a link to your faq/directory? love your blog :)

I’m also on mobile :)
Scroll a bit and you’ll see a set of links. I posted them a few days ago

Found it and reblogged it for you!

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czolgosz → is katniss from The Hunger Games series a capricorn? that's just my opinion and i wanted 2 get your input on that. she's aloof, doesn't understand emotion to well, deals with problems by either fighting or ignoring them. now that i think of it she might also be an aries.

The hunger games post is in the post directory :)

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keritheunwanted → WOw! That was incredible when someone asked you what your sign was and you said FAQ I am crying WOW

This is making me uncomfortable hahaha

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I’ve been getting a lot of fanmail asking about the “coffee trade” for birth chart analysis

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a brief summary.

About a year ago (before I had a store), I used to write birth chart readings for people who did not have access to Paypal. People would send me asks with their information, and transfer money onto my starbucks card ( minimum transfer is 10$).

It worked okay, and it was the only way I could think to include those who do not have Paypal accounts. Since I keep getting asked to do it, I’m considering reopening the process. Give me your opinion. Would you want to do that, or is the store the best option?

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Hurry, this code expires on 8/25!

mostlyharmlessdontpanic → are we there yet?

I’m turning this car around, insolent child.

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angelafromheaven → Are you ever going to tell us ur sign?

I feel like a parent in the car with a kid that keeps asking me if we’re there yet.

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barrel-of-apples → Okay so I have a question. Are you really closing the blog or?

I’ve answered this like 12 times in the last week :(

"I’m working on staying. My intent is to continue. However, nothing is solid at the moment. That’s why I haven’t made an announcement about it."

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ecto-plasm → Blogger I had my laptop in my Aquarius tote and one of my favorite baristas at Starbucks was like "omg I'm an Aquarius too!! I knew there was a reason I liked you" You brought us closer together and I think that's beautiful :')

Awe yeah, bringing together the Aquas. Pat on the back for me.

Now that I think about it, I think you got the last Aquarius tote bag.

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kaysto123 → Which signs are best at signing?

That would really be your opinion and how talented you consider Beyonce to be.


I do have a gif set that relates to this:

Did you know, every post I’ve ever made is actually listed in the Post Directory? Right here:

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