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Anonymous → This is the same Scorpio from earlier! I asked her out and she said YES!!! <3 Thanks for existing and running this blog.

See, this is the problem with being anonymous. I have no idea who you are or what you’re talking about.

But YAY I’m definitely happy for you♥ Good luck being in a rOMAnCE.

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Anonymous → Since you aren't going to astrocon you should tell us your sign >:)

I’m very flattered by this.
However, it changes nothing.

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Anonymous → My taurus boyfriend is kinda overprotective and can get jealous. Is this a common trait for the taurus male?


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Anonymous → How does one get information/secrets out of an Aries?

Alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

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mostlyharmlessdontpanic → You could make one state the mystery sign and call it "the blogger". or not. sounds like way too much work anyway. take a nap instead.

This conversation has honestly just convinced me that I need to recruit interns.

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caoanonymousgoa → The foods of each sign? If you can. Like what type or style of food represents each sign.

Already did it. Please see the Post Directory.

Anonymous → The States of America as Zodiac Signs?



There are 50 states and 12 signs.

Math that for me real fast.

Just like there are millions of people per sign, I’m pretty sure you can make more than one state the same sign.


I meant I can’t divide the 12 into 50 in an even way. I can’t give Gemini 4 states and Aquarius 3 without 3,000 people crying “UNFAIR!”

Work that out and let me know.

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Anonymous → are you like in science or something. you talk about science alot.

No, I use science as an excuse to talk about really odd things.

You can say just about anything as long as you follow it up with “sorry, I just really like science.”

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Anonymous → what do you mean romance between earthspace and social? idgi

There are different branches of science.

Earth and Space includes astronomy.

Social science includes psychology and sociology.

In my opinion, astrology is the combination of astronomy+psychology+sociology.

Thus, my reasoning to consider astrology a romance between Earth & space and social science.

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Anonymous → The States of America as Zodiac Signs?

There are 50 states and 12 signs.

Math that for me real fast.

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Anonymous → do you believe astrology is a science?

Yes, I view it as a romance between:

earth and space + social sciences.

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Anonymous → It's the same anon about that post, haha. Sorry, friend, I get that as a fellow blogger. I was just curious! :D Shine bright, I love your blog, and have a great day!

It’s totally fine :) Thanks so much for the support<3

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Anonymous → Just saying that /post/69883097355/which-signs-have-the-best-comebacks states the opposite of your master 1-10 scale on comebacks for the signs. Which one is accurate? Or is Aquarius sporadic in their ability to form witty comebacks?

My opinion is absolutely subject to change over time :)

Catch me on the right day and I’ll cut your arm off, buddy.

Take care not to confuse opinion with fact.

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No lie, the pun was an auto correction.
I just realized what happened.

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Anonymous → Are you saying that water signs are least boring? Is it because of how easy it is to make them cry?


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